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IRS Issue Management Resolution System Meeting Notes

July 18th, 2023 Area 3 IMRS Updates Web Conference Summary

3/21/2023 Notes

2/21/2023 Notes

11/15/2022 Notes

Illinois Practitioner Liaison Meeting minutes

December 11, 2019 IRS Illinois Practitioner Liaison Meeting Summary

December 11, 2019, Illinois Practitioners Liaison Meeting Summary (George A. Smith’s version)

May 22, 2019 Illinois Practitioners Liaison Meeting IRS Version

May 22, 2019 Illinois Practitioners Liaison Meeting

The Illinois IRS Telephone Directory for Practitioners (5/22/2017)

“The purpose of the IRS Telephone Directory for Practitioners¬†is to assist members of the practitioner¬†community as they attempt to resolve issues or concerns without circumventing normal channels that exist. Please note that this information is only intended for tax professionals and is not to be shared with individual clients.”